Saturday, 20 November 2010

Why Mrs Dale is Selfish

Via the excellent  Corrugated Soundbite and Norton Folgate,
I learn that Mrs Dale was asking something similar to the following on his radio show yesterday.
This seemed to be the gist:
'Does it matter if you are a minority in your own country, if you do see it as a problem, what does that say about you?'

Then CS go's on to say that 
'Well, yes it does matter, Iain. It matters greatly. Not least for someone of your persuasion, seeing as you'd be burned alive, have brick walls pushed on top of you, and be cursed to eternal damnation and a lifetime of pain by the cultures you seem to think aren't causing much of a problem growing here.'
And then go's on to say
'It does matter. Even more so to Iain and his minority than it does to me. That is, if it's a matter of survival and escaping persecution, which from his constant hissies we assume he's trying to do (and then some!) in a not-so-macho sort of a manner.'

Just my two pennies worth but as far as I know homosexuals as a rule do not produce progeny, therefore when they are saying these things, they are only thinking of themselves. And when heterosexuals speak about these things they are not only concerned for themselves but also concerned about children , grand children and great grandchildren. So to my mind Mrs Dale can go and fuck himself, because what it says about me is 'I want to protect my own' and if Mrs Dale thinks that is not 'normal' then he has no grasp of reality .

Disclaimer: I don't give a flying fuck about homo's so don't try and say im homophobic.


  1. Thanks ArtCo.

    This was a perspective I'd missed.

    I've updated my own post to add a link through to this one.

  2. Hi Artco, great point and I don't care about them very much either.
    That same sex marriage crap they are foisting is costing us even MORE money, their "partners" can glom onto benefits.

  3. Yeah, but thank fuck they can't (as yet) manage to produce huge broods of little bastards by a variety of feckless fathers to add to their benefits....

    The Penguin

  4. Art,, I know you are British but still wish to say; God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving as it is about God and not country.

  5. I listened to this programme and it was so biased that I eventually Emailed him. Needless to say it was not read out and I suspect no-one who opposed him was allowed a voice.
    Basically he employed the same method of Nulabour, ie if you object to millions coming to your Country your racist.


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