Thursday, 1 March 2012

Of Roses , Rape and Revolution

Made a video of my latest pic, just wish I had a better camera though as it dosnae do it justice.
Its best viewed on youtube.

Of Roses Rape and Revolution
Oil on Hardboard (yes I know, skint again)
44" by 36"
Took a few months as I was in a bit of pain at the time. Anyway hope you enjoy.

Friday, 14 October 2011

F.U Barroso

Apologies for lack of posting , shit happens to the best of us.
I made a mess of this , but I did learn a hell of a lot about glazing so not all wasted.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Why Mrs Dale is Selfish

Via the excellent  Corrugated Soundbite and Norton Folgate,
I learn that Mrs Dale was asking something similar to the following on his radio show yesterday.
This seemed to be the gist:
'Does it matter if you are a minority in your own country, if you do see it as a problem, what does that say about you?'

Then CS go's on to say that 
'Well, yes it does matter, Iain. It matters greatly. Not least for someone of your persuasion, seeing as you'd be burned alive, have brick walls pushed on top of you, and be cursed to eternal damnation and a lifetime of pain by the cultures you seem to think aren't causing much of a problem growing here.'
And then go's on to say
'It does matter. Even more so to Iain and his minority than it does to me. That is, if it's a matter of survival and escaping persecution, which from his constant hissies we assume he's trying to do (and then some!) in a not-so-macho sort of a manner.'

Just my two pennies worth but as far as I know homosexuals as a rule do not produce progeny, therefore when they are saying these things, they are only thinking of themselves. And when heterosexuals speak about these things they are not only concerned for themselves but also concerned about children , grand children and great grandchildren. So to my mind Mrs Dale can go and fuck himself, because what it says about me is 'I want to protect my own' and if Mrs Dale thinks that is not 'normal' then he has no grasp of reality .

Disclaimer: I don't give a flying fuck about homo's so don't try and say im homophobic.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Wheres Belgium Gone

Looking at my stats the other day I noticed that the blog about Europa had 5 visits from Belgium, me being a bit of a paranoid I was thinking to myself it must be Mr Barrosso or Mr Von Rumpleskin . Anyway when I looked five minutes ago Belgium wasn't there. Portugal is there with only 4 visits that will have been that Ronaldo chappy so where's it gone?. Was Mr Von Rumpleskin right when in his latest speech he declared "the end of the nation state"  and he's started with Belgium. Now as far as Im concerned you couldn't start with a better country than Belgium but Im sure a veteran blogger can alleviate my paranoia by explaining what has happened.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Tic

OK this is for those that couldn't find the massive Tic on the 'Europa' post
Top of left front leg . I know it wasn't a very good photo but I will put that right in the future.

Monday, 8 November 2010


So as soon as I'd clicked on the publish button on my last post a thought suddenly struck me. Have I done the right thing . Would the EU start to investigate me , would spooks start to look into my affairs, would socialists track me down and make me join a union, would the BBC put up my license tax (the wife refuses not to pay it) or would teachers corner me and demand back the education I had received. Would my phone be tapped , I can just imagine the transcripts:

Target:            Hello
Respondent:   Get your fucking arse out of that pub now
T:                  Im just gonna watch this matc....
R                  No youre fucking not
T                  Aww come on love its been week.....
R                  Your teas ready and im going to the fucking Bingo
T                   But
R                  Now I said
T                  But
R                If you are not home in half a fucking hour you know whats gonna happen
T               Oh come on love you can't form a party that promises to overthrow by subversive means the EU and put on trial all the despots and leeches ,and after hanging them ,create a fair democratic and electable parliament, while Utd's playing City.
R               Silence........................
T               Ok I'll be half an hour.

Maybe I was being paranoid, or maybe I wasn't. Maybe I was just being indecisive.
I knew I'd have my critics and sure enough an annonymong turned up. Maybe anon was Bob Crow maybe Andrew Marr or maybe Bill and Sian had joined forces to ridicule me, you see with anon comments its not really a level playing field when they can see what your ideas , thoughts and hopes are, but you can't see theirs. Ok I'll admit its quite easy to work them out after a while. I suppose I'm going to have to get very used to that.

Then I started to think about all the great free thinking blogs I'd read over the past few years or so. GOT, Leg Iron , Ranting Penguin , Old Holborn, Biased-BBC and loads of others . I thought well these people challenge the status quo and say a lot more subversive things than I've said. And they are still here. But then I thought maybe they just pretend to be like that to ensnare the emails and profiles of  unsuspecting people and sell e'm to Mr Barrosso . Maybe they are sitting at a keyboard connected to a mainframe in a Brussels Office building , collecting data for the reaping times ahead, and to cap it all, being paid in Euro's ffs.

But then, maybe im just being paranoid after all. ; )