Sunday, 7 November 2010

An Art Lesson For Europe

My name is ArtCo . Among other things, I clean toilets for a living.
Certain shameful episodes that have occurred over the past few months in the name of art, including 'ciggie busters' and '10:10', have awoken a passion in me that has been dormant for years. That passion is of course Art.

Firstly when I refer to 'artists' in this post I'm using the term very loosely.  I not only mean painters and sculptors etc but 'luvvies, pop stars, writers and directors' too. Especially the righteous ones that seem to think they are knowledgeable in politics, economics, climate science and all the world’s ills. These luvvies can learn to project their voices as far as they want, it’s still the same drivel that reaches the back of the theatre, the same rancid bile that left their mouths.

Art used to be a noble and proud profession but not any more.

Since the leftist liberalist governments of the past decimated all disciplines in our education system, when you say you are an artist people now think you are, let’s face it, not very intelligent. People think an artist these days is the person that didn't even have enough qualifications for 'Meeja Studies'. People think an artist these days is a workshy lazy scrounging hanger-on, and who can argue with them? Because we have been told anyone can be an artist, there are no losers in our education system. We must be all as talented as each other.

What these art college tutors and professors seem to forget is that real art is not simply about pretty pictures or sculptures. Real art is all about free thinking, real art is about original ideas, real art is about provoking discussion and real art is about challenging opinions. Real art is not about propaganda, dogma, ideology or state sponsored misinformation. Today's artists are just pre-programmed socialist robots that delude themselves into believing what they have been told, that they are indeed artists.

Franny and Richard of 10:10.

So, you call yourselves artists do you? Firstly you do not create art, you regurgitate vile propaganda and newspeak, no doubt for your own personal gain. This in itself precludes you from calling yourselves artists. Let’s face it, a turd in a shoebox is still a turd in a shoebox whatever room in the Tate you put it in, am I right Franny? It is obvious to me that you were
a: never Free Thinkers or
b: You were free thinkers at one time but you have decided to commit treason against the people of the world for your own personal advancement.
If b: is the case then you should be deeply, deeply ashamed and you will be brought to account.

Your art may be on the ascendancy now, my friends, but in the fullness of time it will end up where it belongs, and that place is in your own mind because everyone else will have written it off as just pure socialist EU drivel.

It is a fact that faeces float for a while before they start to decompose and then they sink and rot away to disappear, just like your so called art.

Real art never sinks, real art will always be at the top.

An Art Lesson for Franny and Richard, Artists and Luvvies.

So after having my blood boiled by 10:10, Ciggie busters and of course the tokenistic ramblings of the luvvies I thought I'd do an 'Art Project' of my own.

Firstly who am I?

I am an ordinary person who is sick and tired of the EU, the righteous, the government, the BBC, quangos, fake charities, NGO's, climate disruption scammers and many other anti democratic parasites that I am forced to pay for.

Am I an artist?

Well I think so, I'm the best artist writing this, as I've said previously I clean toilets among other things but I can paint a bit and I can think a lot. No doubt when the lefties and leeches see what I have to say and what I've painted they will accuse me of being all sorts of things but not an artist.

After all who can be an artist if they haven't got a degree in art? That's right. I never went to the Royal College of Socialist Indoctrination where the only colour theory you learn is that of red and green. Not even an art 'O' Level. Self taught artist, I learnt through reading about the old masters techniques, then practicing and practicing again. I do traditional art but I still admire modern art, in fact I admire all forms of free thinking art.

I'll let the public decide if I'm an artist or not.


Ok artists and luvvies , Franny and Richard - are you listening?

Europa is a painting in praise of all Europeans. I am sure every European, like me, thinks that his own country is the thoroughbred of Europe and rightly so, this does not mean it’s racist because I include everyone in Europe.

The horse represents the whole of Europe.

The obvious disgust I have for the undemocratic EU that you can see about to trip over the horse, is prominently displayed for all to see. The time for subtlety has long gone. This is to provoke discussion with people that don't realize how far the EU and the righteous have affected their lives. And the EU or the righteous don't like discussion or debate as we know.

Because you see, if the horse breaks its legs then it will be put down. Oh yes no BUPA for Europa, shotgun to the head, bang and it’s no more. But there is hope, it may not trip up and get its legs ripped to bits by the barbed wire that's what all free thinking people will strive to make sure never happens.

The Clever Bits.

The Legs.

If you are an Equine artist or you work with or own a horse you will have noticed that the legs are a bit flat and x-ray like. This represents the state of Europe's education systems.

Decay starts from the ground up and lets face it all you need now is a copy of the little red book and a thousand nectar points and you can become a teacher.

All Teachers should be ashamed of themselves for the indoctrination and cultivation of the worker ants that the schools churn out. The EU, socialist and green misinformation you teach is rotting Europe from its very roots. Even European history is being expunged from our textbooks and not a whimper from you. Its time you started to think for yourselves. That's the only way we have any chance of a future for any of us. As someone once said "teach the children to think, not what to think".

The Head.

The head represents our very own Pravda the BBC and the MSM.

If you look closely the veins are slightly extended and the skull is a tad too prominent
Then look at the nose, oh my friends at the Biased BBC blog will love the nose. The nose signifies the poison that the BBC pumps into the veins of Europe and the World with its bias, bias by omission, Pro EU, socialist dogma, green lies, Anti Semitic, pro terrorist, anti British, anti US, anti republican, vile opinionated  newspeak.

Oh but it’s ok because it’s value for money isn't it, Bill and Sian? Maybe next time I have to scrape your excrement off the porcelain for £5.90 an hour I shall just think myself lucky that I am allowed to be the 'master of your stool' and that contributing to your not unsubstantial wages under the threat of imprisonment is after all value for money. Champagne socialists at their best.

One day BBC your day of reckoning will come and it won’t be soon enough.
Oh and btw Andrew (Rickets of the face) Marr you're represented by the horses arse.

The Stomach.

The stomach has a purple tinge to it just like all the traitorous undemocratic lying thieving national governments in Europe.

For all those who have forgotten their colour mixing from school, purple is made by mixing red and blue. All the same whatever colour you vote. I don't need to say any more.


Yes there's a Tic on my horse, a big one. I won’t tell you where it is, just look for it, you will find it.

This represents all the quangos, NGO's, fake charities and the so called climate scientists. Yes, you are all tics that gorge yourselves on the blood of our proud continent, with your pseudo science, your skewed data nepotistic appointments and unbelievable opinion polls.

You are all compulsive liars that all need to be culled, every day more and more people are starting to question your lies and deceits. It won’t be long now, before the vet pulls you off the host and crushes you underfoot.

There are more things to see on 'Europa' but I'll leave that up to you all to work them out.

So artists and luvvies , Franny and Richard I hope you understood the lesson. You see real art is about ideas as I said. It’s about challenging the status quo and revealing the truth, do you understand, it’s not about filling your pockets at all.

Do you like my painting?

Probably not, I bet you would love to burn it wouldn't you? It would burn easily as its oil on hardboard , yes hardboard not canvas, I couldn't afford the canvas Franny, no grants or endorsements or taxpayers cash for me. Oh yes, you'd like it to burn because you are the sort of people that used to get the free thinking artists marched off to the  gulags and camps in the not so distant past. Isn't it ironic how this traditional piece of work rather than modern would now be classed as subversive if the EU get their way?

Is it a good piece of art, I think so. Is it shocking, well the clan Kinnock would be shocked to see someone questioning their Bisto Bullet Train. Mr Barroso and his cronies would probably think I need to be re-educated. And the Guardian hypocrites would be appoplexic that a mere cleaner would dare to speak his mind. 
Is it pure art? Maybe not, but it’s a pure idea.

I can’t be arrested for being in charge of a tube of paint, I can’t be arrested for discharging a loaded paintbrush in public. Not yet anyway. But if you and all the other brainwashed parasites get your way then maybe I am in a bit of trouble. All the bloggers and free thinking people will work damn hard to make sure that never happens, and maybe it will be you lot who will be in trouble, who knows?

This is my first salvo and I am going to be a thorn in your side for years to come, all you righteous and deluded fools. Art is more 'mainstream' than blogging so the more art forums my paintings go on the more people will start to discuss and learn about you parasites. 

Anyway the last line is for all the luvvies to memorise and project with their voices to the back of the theatre because lets face it, thinking isn't their strongpoint.
I am a cleaner, I am a thinker, I am an artist and this is my ART

'Europa' oil on hardboard 4ft by 2ft 8 ins (click to enlarge)

The BBC and MSM


  1. Fascinating new approach ...'Artful Political Blogging', I'll call it ;-)

  2. Interesting stuff. I thought I'd recognised Andrew Marr! Thanks and good luck.

  3. 12 X 18 prints of that might sell well.

  4. You have a new convert. Where's the RSS feed button... I'm on my way!


  5. Self taught? - Did you also teach your self how to write? because if you did, you've done a damn good job! If your toilets are cleaned with the same degree of thought, they must be spotless...

    I'm not an "artistic" sort of person, but the horse looks pretty good to me. Keep it up!

  6. Good stuff.

    I look forward to the rest of your writings.

  7. Interesting, very interesting.........

  8. Great stuff. Is the toilet cleaning for real? I have great respect for many people and their jobs. That's one of them.

  9. Very good stuff. I came to your site by word of Grumpy and am very pleased I did so.

    American here but share your thoughts as we have much the same problems in the U.S. minus of course the EU, so far that is being there is quiet talk of a NAU or North American Union.

    Keep up your fine art be it writing or painting.

  10. Excellent post Artco. though I have just called time on my humble offering on the blogoshere I am glad to see that new vigorous and thought proviking stuff has come to the net.
    (though we have been waiting for a while since you first threatened us with coming on line)
    Welcome and though not actively blogging I am still reading my faves and you are duly added to my reading list, all the best Indy

  11. Well you may be pro-viking but i meant provoking, soz

  12. I also found my way here from Grumpy's place, ArtCo, that's one hell of a first post - great writing and I love the painting.

  13. Keep cleaning the bogs. The country is not ready for another Renaissance. Too many extremes of left and right, opposing each other and didvided.A vicious gang are running the show now.They will see division runs for long time. I'd suggest some blood in the next painting.

  14. I'll be back definitely, good luck.
    Heads up to Gotty for the recommendation.

  15. Nice one Artco - thought provoking.

    Thanks to Gotty for the signpost - clever bastard...

  16. Good luck. Great approach to the whole subject.
    You're right about art as propaganda, but I wonder how often in the past it has been any different?

    By the way, have you tried MDF with Jesso primer?

  17. Yes, I like this. Any day now I'm expecting the Thought Police to introduce warnings like 'Art is bad for your health' or 'This is a no reading area'! It makes me sick! P.S. Are we allowed to swear on your Site, because I feel like effing doing it?

  18. I'm a "don't know much about art but I know what I like kinda guy" but Grumpy poked me in your direction and I'm happy that he did. Keep up the good work.

  19. Brilliant, absolutely first rate. Thank you.

  20. Simply brilliant and on the money ... but the masses will simply not care ..... not as long as they get their giro and Jeremy Kyle ...

  21. I have never heard an artist come out with so much self interpratation of his work.Art speaks for itself.You are a fraud and a poor painter.

  22. Thanks for all the great comments everyone.

  23. Anonymous
    "You are a fraud and a poor painter"

    And you are.......?
    Dont tell me.... someone who's got a degree in art?.
    Am I a fraud for daring to paint without having a degree, is that what you mean?.
    If you think im a poor painter then I have no qualms about that because you see, I believe in freedom of thought unlike you.
    I hope you have a good day sir.

  24. No I don't tell you...assume as you wish. No degrees,just an eye for what speaks to me without the "artist"telling me what to think.Or how to look at it.And it is my free thinking that say's you are a poor painter.I would not buy it,and I have bought a lot of art in the past.You describe it in detail because you know it has nothing to"See". But keep at it, one day you will know in silence .

  25. Anonymous
    Its my art and I will speak about it as I wish.
    Something must have upset you about my painting and I am sorry for that, but why you felt the need to insult me is rather pathetic. I think what it really boils down to is the fact that you don't like what it says. Socialists always revert to name calling when the argument is not to their liking.
    As for you buying lots of art, that must make you some sort of expert then. Maybe you are an art critic but I doubt it. I dont mind constructive criticism but insults I wont take. Please go back to your art collection and admire it.
    Have a nice day

  26. "I'll let the public decide if I'm an artist or not."Your words.
    I made my with it.

  27. Anonymous
    Cowards hide behind anononymity , because they fear being shown up for what they are. I am now certain that you belong to one of the groups that I have aluded to and slated in the post.It is obvious you have nothing constructive to add to the debate so please desist from commenting on my blog.
    Have a nice day sir.

  28. ArtCo is who exactly?oh anon too.last comment and visit,bye

  29. You can find out who I am quite easy if you really wanted to know.
    As I suspected , not too enthusiastic about adding to the debate.
    Goodbye thank fuck.

  30. You might want to have a look at this lot - a bunch of "luvvies" pushing bogus propaganda in the name of art.

  31. Hi Artco. I think that is a beautiful painting of a horse. And, your description of everything about it is brilliant. I think the horse looks kind of sad.....considering all that is going on in the UK, I don't blame him.

    Very professional looking painting, I would never guess you were never "formally" trained. I can't find the tick anywhere on the horse. I hope he is stepping on it, but that he doesn't trip. PS; Saw you on Gotty's blog.
    Great posting, and you sure have the right mindset. Good Luck.

  32. Hi Artco, like your painting and your thoughts, keep up the good work mate.

  33. Hi Artco

    I see you've met the 'know your place' brigade already. Good to see you slapping them back.

    As for what 'the public' thinks, your anonymous pompous ass evidently reads only his own comments. This is normal, their opinion is worth a hundred of those from 'the public' (in their minds).

    Keep going. Sell prints. Ignore the socialist 'know your place' comments. They are out in force now because they are scared. It's all coming apart at the seams.

    It's nice to see one more ready to pull at those loose threads.

  34. @ anon dick

    a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent.

    Can't quite see the fraud here, its not to my taste either but fair play to the chap for giving it a go.

    Tip, unless you've been buying the topend shit odds are you've been had by the dealers and galleries whose business practice would put the mob to shame

  35. Where is the damn tick? I've only a small screen, don't make me go blind. Good post, lovely painting cheers.

  36. Before I read what you say about the painting, I was thinking Stubbs, an intriguing painter who stood on the margins of the Artistic Community and challenged all their misconceptions about class, science and beauty.

    I fear, however, your work is too subtle for this in-your-face artistic age. Once upon a time, people knew how to 'read' a painting down to its finest detail. Now, unless it's pickled, painted in dung or labelled with a literal name, they don't get it!

    To my eye, the head is disproportionately large. I like to think this is intentional :)

  37. Congratulations on your first anonymous 'art-buying' troll - that's a sure sign of a promising future.

    Hopefully you can piss he/she/it off further, as they always come back. A floating troll, if you like..

    Good work.

  38. l'm glad you took the time to describe the meaning of your painting as future expert 'luvvies' will not be able to say 'this is what the artist was saying' or 'what the artist was trying to portray was ...' blah blah blah.

    So many long departed artists have to suffer the indignation of the parasitic luvvies telling the world what these artists works mean.

    Yet, if some of these artists were alive today and were just producing their art, these self-same luvvies would probably dismiss their work as meaningless and lacking talent. l think you've already had such in the comments :)

    Added you to blogroll (no pun intended)

  39. Well done Artco. I'll definitely be coming back.

  40. I love it, and I for one was very glad of the interpretation notes. Otherwise (not being an arty type) I'd just have seen "something beautiful about to be snared by the EU and its machinations." Which is one interpretation, I guess, but it's better to have the finer points explained, although clearly some self-proclaimed "art experts" on here don't think so.

    One question, though. Where IS the tic? I've looked and I've looked, and I've enlarged and I've looked again but ....... Go on, give us a clue???

  41. Anonymous
    click on the ArtCo heading at top of the blog and all will be revealed lol

  42. I'm with the last "anon"; I hae no talent for interpretating paintings unfortunately, my talents, such as they are,lie in other directions; however I saw your painting on "Underdogs bite upwards" blog and found it sufficiently arresting to follow the link. I'm glad I did.

    I am opposed to "big government" in all its forms, whilst equally finding the American "Tea Party" rather disturbing; perhaps I am just an old-fashioned Whig?!

  43. Excellent ArtCo.
    I have a humble O Level in Art, and have always been keen on it. What you do sure looks like Art to me.

    Congrats on giving the Anon Troll a good kicking.He has obviously never read Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word which explains that 90% of what the Art Elite will tell you is Art is in fact unintelligible badly executed garbage without the words to explain it. The words are actually more important to them than the actual work.

    You can paint my friend. I will also be back.

    PS. I would have liked you to have had the horse's tail rising over the EU flag, because we all know what happens when a horse raises it's tail dont we? ;-)

  44. Thank you for that, ArtCo. I would have been looking for weeks otherwise! And how appropriate to have it so well disguised, just like the organisations it represents – unnoticed, untreated, quietly sucking the lifeblood out of its host. Very apt!

    Oh, and Rab, I once thought about starting up a little con-company offering “floor interpretation” for middle-class yuppies – you know, the kind who arrange their houses around Feng Shui principles and have vile-smelling air fresheners in every other plug socket. It came about after a trip to an art gallery with some friends in which I was sitting in front of a picture which comprised a blue square and a red line and was entertaining my companions with a crammed-to-the-gills-with-nonsense speech about the "meaning" of the painting we were observing. Half-way through my little speech one of our party came to join us and said to me, in all seriousness: “So, do you understand this kind of thing, then?” – blissfully unaware of the fact that everyone else was giggling and chipping in with their own little made-up-garbage-statements. Just goes to show that if your language is flowery enough, and you can keep an earnest expression going, people will believe you. I guess that’s how politicians have got away with it for so long.

    Never did get the company going, though – didn’t quite have the nerve. Mind you, with a good commission-based deal with a flooring company or two, I could have made millions!

  45. ArtCo, as a lousy student with a dire lack of self discipline, idle dreams of being a skilled painter and and enough liquid cash to afford canvas, you have truly put me to shame.

    Please get prints of this in production - I'll be the first to buy one, I would be honoured to have a copy of this. To me, it looks like the beginning of a new, honest art to contradict the plastic and gimmicky bullshit that passes for human talent nowadays.

    Anarchyland x

  46. Particularly agree with the section on education - infuriating. Though I think someone who thinks will think whether or not they are encouraged to through the education system. Wonder what you think about the brainwashing of television viewing in general - irrespective of the broadcaster. What would the alien think who spies us through his telecope silently staring at a fuzzy screen for hours and hours and hours. All these matters that you raise exist because we brits don't fear god any more. God fearing makes for excellent crowd control. Modern methods are:televiosion, fear laden news, celebrity adoration, vanity obsession and material obsession - i could go on . All this keeps our minds busy with the menial, whilst ignoring what matters, politics etc. Anyway beginning to rant - can see how you get started with this blogging malarkey. Good work. Or maybe your blog is just bollocks to justify the bits of the horse your not so happy with???? I joke!


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